1. Who are you and what are you doing?

We are Independent Financial Consultant providing you with one stop, free Loan consultancy services.

2. Why should we engage your services for Home Loan?

Purchasing a house is one of the biggest investments and commitments in our life. However there are so many banks providing housing loans, and their packages are so complicated nowadays, unless you are willing to check all these banks one by one, you would not know which bank could give you the best rate. We offer you one stop services, save your time, and guarantee you the best rate. In every industry, there is a professional. We are the professionals in mortgage industry.

3. What is the difference between you and bank?

Banks are lenders, we are Independent consultants. We recommend banks loan packages to you according to your own needs and requirement.

4. Do we need to pay for your service?

Our service is absolutely free! you need not to pay us. We are paid by bank. Our service will not add on your cost neither.

5. Is the rate we get from you better than we get from the bank directly?

It is not a surprise we give you the rate better than you get from bank directly.However, the key benefit you use our service is our one stop, unbiased, free service. You get the best rate from all banks instantly, not just one bank.

6. Are you working on weekend, or after normal working hours?

Yes, we do. One of the merits you engage our services is that we always place your needs and convenience on the top, we could meet you up at your convenience place and time by appointment.

7. Do You Provide Door Step Services?

Yes, we do serve our client at place of their choice. We have a very efficient & well experienced team to support our operation.

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